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The account data you enter will be saved for clearing orders. No data will be shared with any third party other than the payment providers.

Every information regarding payment will not be stored or saved on my server and is not visible for the owner of the website




After receipt of money the download links will be unlocked in your account instantly. You are able to download your clips up to five times for the next seven days. For that you need to log in to your account with your eMail address and your password.

The shop sends an eMail to you automatically after registration and after any order you have made. Please check your spam folder if you did not receive any mail at all.
But even if you didn't get the mails, you can still download your clips. Visit the My account page, there you'll find every order you have made.

All clips in this store are copyright protected and for private use only.  To post them on any website or social network is strictly prohibited. It is also prohibited to sell, share or trade the clips.


All charges will appear on your statement discretely as Jack Jansen Productions or PAYPAL JackJansen.





When you click the red button "Candid-Shoeplay Shop" on the homepage, you will see all clips on 1 page; when you click "Our Shop" in the menu you will see 16 clips per page and you can continue browsing to the next clips.

When you click an image in the shop, a new page appears with a description of the clip, several images and a preview of the clip.