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CLIP 104



Two girls sit on a bench. They drink wine and talk to each other. One wears ballerina shoes and the other wears flat shoes with straps on them. Their feet are bare. The girl who wears flats with straps is tall and has big feet. She is the most active shoeplayer. The clip starts at the moment that you see her playing with her shoes on the ground: both feet are out of her shoes and she plays nonstop with her shoes. She uplifts her right shoe with her toes resting on the back of her shoe and plays further with her shoes. The legs of the other girl are crossed at the ankle and you see that her feet pop out of her shoes several times. The left girl lifts her shoe in the air with her toes using the straps of her shoe. I focus on the feet and shoes of the left girl. Her legs are crossed: one foot is uplifted from her shoe and the other foot is completely out of her shoe and plays with the shoe. She uses her fingers to put the shoe back on. I change position and could sit next to the girl who wears flats with straps. She dangles her shoe with her toes under the straps of her shoe until the shoe falls from her foot to the ground. She puts her shoe partially on and dangles further with her toes under the straps of her shoe. In the last 1.30 minutes she plays with her left shoe but it is partially hidden behind her right leg. Faceshot of the girl wearing shoes with straps.  

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