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CLIP 108



She is in her early twenties. The heels of her feet rest on the chair rail and her shoes are hanging on her toes. She uplifts both shoes with her toes. She loses control about her left shoe and the shoe falls from her foot. She uplifts the shoe with her toes again. She puts her shoes partially on and slips out of her shoes again. Her feet are almost completely out of her shoes; only her toes are still inside her shoes. She raises her right foot in the air to rub her ankle with her hand and the shoe dangles on her big toe. She throws the shoe with her foot to the floor. She puts the shoe partially on and rests the heels of her feet on the chair rail again. She moves her toes into her shoes. She struggles to slip her shoes back on and loses control about her left shoe for the second time; the shoe falls from her foot to the wooden floor with a clack. Unfortunately no faceshot.  

                                                                                                                                                   Category:  dipping  dangling



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Added: 02/16/2021