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CLIP 109



There are 3 segments in this clip. In every segment you can see the shoes and feet of flight attendants. They all wear pumps and stockings. The first segment is shot at a tourism expo. The first stewardess slips her right foot out of her shoe and stands the heel of her foot on top of her other foot. Then she uplifts her shoe with her toes resting against the inside of the shoe. She slips her shoe back on and stands the heel of her left foot on top of her other foot. She slips out of her other shoe and rests her toes on the back of her shoe. The second FA in this segment pops the heel of her foot out of her shoe. Then she slips completely out of her shoe and curls her toes into her shoe. The second segment is shot at the airport. She slips several times in and out of her shoes: sometimes with her legs crossed at the ankle and sometimes with her shoes side by side. She lays her shoe on its side. The shoe falls from her foot to the floor with a clack and several times you hear the heels of her shoes hitting the floor. In the third segment you see a FA who sits on a bench. Her legs are crossed. The heel of her foot pops out of her shoe. She starts dangling her shoe. She uncrosses her legs and crosses them to the other side. The heels of both feet pop out of her shoes.   

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Added: 02/16/2021