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CLIP 110



She is an Asian young woman. I noticed her flat shoes were a little too big for her feet. I sat down behind her and expected a lot of shoeplay. She crossed her legs at the ankle but nothing happened. After a while I decided to go away. But at the same time she uncrossed her legs and I saw something I have never seen before: she lays one shoe on its side, places the other shoe on top of the shoe that lays on its side and stuffs both feet into one shoe. She loses her balance and places the shoe that lays on its side in the right position again and stuffs both feet into one shoe again. She does this several times. She uncrosses her legs, places her shoes side by side while her feet stay uplifted from her shoes and repeats the same action with the shoe on top of her other shoe. At the end of the clip she has crossed her legs at the ankle; one foot is uplifted from her shoe. She slips almost completely out of her shoe and you can hear the shoe hits the floor. Faceshot from the side.  

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