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CLIP 112



She is in her early twenties. I filmed her at the airport while she was waiting for her flight. I was sitting next to her on the ground. She didn't notice me when I was filming her shoeplay. Her arches are very high. Her shoes are cut out at the sides. The feet of her friend in the background are uplifted from her ballerina's or completely out of her shoes. The feet of the girl in the foreground are restless and most of the time in motion. She moves her feet back and forth above her shoes. She puts her shoes partially on and swings her feet back and forth and dangles both shoes. She places both shoes on the ground and plays with them. She turns the shoe 180 degrees. She swings her feet back and forth above her shoes and lands her feet on the backs of her shoes. The shoes jump a little bit in the air and she catches them between her feet. She continues playing with her shoes. She dangles several times both shoes in the air. She crosses her legs and dangles her shoe. Faceshot from the side.   

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