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CLIP 131


She is in her early twenties and sits with her boyfriend on a bench. She starts with some dangling and you see toe cleavage. Her boyfriend notices the shoe hanging on her toes, places his shoe under the back of her shoe and throws the shoe from her foot to the ground. He reaches down with his hand to pick up the shoe and puts the shoe back again on his girlfriend's foot. She teases her boyfriend by popping the heel of her foot out of her shoe again. He pushes her shoe with his shoe back on her foot several times but every time she lets the heel of her foot pop out of her shoe again :-). She lets the back of her shoe rest on the shoe of her friend. Hairshot from the side.   

                                                                                                                                                   Category:  dangling



Length: 4.42 min.

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Resolution: 720 x 576

Added: 02/26/2021