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CLIP 139 (full)


I taped her at the airport but I am not sure she is an airport employee. I guess she is about 30 years old. Her feet are nice with soft soles. Her legs are almost the whole clip crossed at the ankle. In the first part of the clip I was sitting behind her; in the second part of the clip I changed position and could sit next to her table. One foot is uplifted from her shoe and the other foot moves the shoe back and forth. Her foot comes many times completely out of her shoe to push the shoe back to her other shoe. Then you can see her reinforced toes. She curls her toes into her shoe. At the end of the clip she uncrosses her legs. Then the heels of her feet pop out of her shoes. You have a good view of her shoeplayactivities in this clip! Faceshot included.     

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Length: 10.24 min.

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Added: 03/03/2021