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CLIP 145


She sits on a wall taking a break from her job at the airport and talks with a colleague. I could sit next to her on the wall and tape her feet and shoes from above. She never noticed what I was doing! The inside of her shoes is dirty. She slips many times in and out of her shoes and raises and lowers them in the air. She can't keep her shoes on. She grips the shoes between her toes. She lifts her toes in the air and moves her feet above her shoes. She crushes the backs of her shoes with her feet several times. Almost non stop action in this clip. Faceshot from the side.    

                                                                                                                                                   Category:  dipping



Length: 9.32 min.

Size: 365 MB

Format: MP4

Resolution: 720 x 576

Added: 03/06/2021