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CLIP 146


The two young women in this clip were standing behind the counter of a car booth. Their shoes are new; you can read the shoesize: 38. The girl in the foreground is the most active shoeplayer. The toenails of one of the girls are painted red and her stockings are dirty. One girl slips many times in and out of her shoes. She raises her foot in the air and grips her little toe with her fingers. Her empty shoe is on the floor and she stands several times with her other shoe on top of the empty shoe. She puts her shoe back on and slips out of her other shoe. Now she stands several times with her foot on top of her shoe. I don't know why she does this; maybe her shoes are not comfortable enough. She continues slipping in and out of her shoes. She uplifts her feet from her shoes and rests her feet on the backs of her shoes. She crushes the back of her shoe with the heel of her foot. You can see both girls slipping out of their shoes at the same time. Faceshots included.    

                                                                                                                                                   Category:  dipping



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Added: 03/07/2021