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CLIP 156


She is in her twenties and sits with her boyfriend in the park. Her shoes are a little big for her feet. She can't keep her foot in her shoe for more than a few seconds. Her legs are crossed. One shoe rests on the rail. She places the back of the other shoe against the rail. Her foot is almost completely out of her shoe. She moves her foot many times back and forth into her shoe but she never loses control about her shoe. She puts her shoe back on while her legs stay crossed. Her foot pops for the most part out of her shoe again and she moves the shoe several times above the rail. She places the back of her shoe on the rail and moves her foot back and forth into her shoe again and you can see a part of her toes. You can see how she looks from behind when she walks away.     

                                                                                                                                                   Category:  dipping



Length: 2.40 min.

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Added: 03/11/2021