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CLIP 157


She is an airport employee and talks with a colleague. Her legs are crossed and both feet pop out of her shoes. One foot comes completely out of her shoe and her other foot crushes the back of her shoe. Then her other foot also comes completely out of her shoe. She plays with both shoes on the floor while both backs of her shoes are crushed. She puts her shoes partially on, crosses her legs and slips completely out of her shoe again. She turns the shoe 180 degrees, stands on top of her shoe and with help of the other shoe she raises the shoe in the air! She places the shoe on the floor again and continues playing with her shoes and raises both feet in the air. She crosses her legs, dangles her shoe a bit and curls her toes into her shoe. The shoe falls from her foot to the floor (unfortunately I couldn't film that moment because I noticed a security guard in my direction). When I start filming again you see the shoe lonely standing on the floor while people are walking by. Her colleague reaches down with her cell phone to push the shoe into her direction, picks up the shoe with her hand and puts the shoe hard back on her colleague's foot 🙂 Then she starts some dangling action and lets her shoe slip from her foot to the floor. She puts her shoes partially on, raises them in the air, crosses her legs and lets the shoe hang on her toes. The clip is a bit less sharp because it was rather dark in the airport terminal but you can enjoy nice shoeplay and a lot of action in this clip.      

                                                                                                                                                   Category:  dipping



Length: 7.38 min.

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Resolution: 720 x 576

Added: 03/12/2021