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CLIP 174


There are 5 segments in this clip. In every segment you see the shoes and feet of flight attendants. They all wear pumps and stockings. The first segment shows a dangling stewardess (fragment is 1 min. 48 sec. long). In the second segment you can see the inside of the shoe of a FA who sits outside on a bench. She puts her shoes back on, uncrosses and crosses her legs again and lets her foot partially slip out of her shoe again (1 min). In the third segment a FA sits on a wall with her feet above her shoes. There is some backlight and  no shoeplay). (1 min 32 sec). In the forth segment you see a FA in the restaurant popping out of her shoes. A few times her feet come completely out of her shoes. She crosses her legs at the ankle and her foot uplifts from her shoe. She lets her feet pop out of her shoes and lets the heels of her shoes clack the floor. Some backlight in this segment (2.22 minutes). The last segment shows a dangling FA. A few times she curls her toes into her shoe and a few times you can see the inside of her shoe (3 min. 20 sec). Most segments with faceshot or faceshot from the side.     

                                                                                                                                                   Category:  dipping  dangling



Length: 10.02 min.

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Format: MP4

Resolution: 720 x 576

Added: 03/21/2021