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CLIP 193


She is from India, I guess and sits with her friend in the restaurant. She wears nylon footies. Her legs are crossed at the ankle; one foot is uplifted from her shoe. She lets the other shoe slip from her foot to the floor. She uncrosses her legs and curls her toes into her shoes. She crosses and uncrosses her legs and slips out of both shoes. You hear her shoes clack the floor. She crosses her legs at the ankle and lets her shoe fall from her foot to the floor. She puts her shoes back on; one foot stay uplifted from her shoe. She uncrosses and crosses her legs to the other side. One foot comes completely out of her shoe and she rests the sole of her foot against the chair rail. Then she curls her toes against the chair rail. In the background you can see her friend who slips a few times in and out of her open toe flat shoes. Faceshot from the side.      

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