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CLIP 198


She is in her thirties; her hair is brown and rather short. Her legs are almost the whole clip crossed at the ankle with one shoe completely off of her foot. She plays non stop with her shoe on the floor. She grabs the strap of her shoe several times between her toes. She moves the shoe around using her toes and foot. She pushes her shoe and lays the shoe on its side. She lets her curled toes rest on the back of her shoe. She uncrosses her legs and puts her shoe back on. I stopped taping to save the battery of my camera. But suddenly she crossed her legs at the ankle again; the shoe slipped immediately from her foot and she continued her shoeplay. Unfortunately I was too late to film that moment. A lot of action in this clip. Faceshot from the side.      


Category:  dipping



Length: 9.40 min.

Size: 459 MB

Format: MP4

Resolution: 720 x 576

Added: 03/31/2021