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CLIP 207


In this clip you can watch dangling and dipping of a young woman. In the first part of the clip she dangles her shoe with intensity. Her shoe only hangs on her big toe. She loses control about her shoe. The shoe turns almost 360 degrees in the air and lands on the floor. After some heelpopping she starts some dangling again with one toe into her shoe till the shoe falls from her foot again. In the second part of the clip you can watch her dipping. I filmed her at the airport and unfortunately people are walking by but you still can enjoy her shoeplay. Her legs are crossed at the ankle and the shoe slips from her foot to the floor. She grips the shoe between her toes. She puts her shoe back on, uncrosses her legs, stretches her legs forward and uplifts both shoes with her soles resting on the backs of her shoes. She rubs her foot against her other foot. She uplifts both feet from her shoes and plays with her shoes. She crosses her legs at the ankle again, lets the shoe slip from her foot, lays the shoe on its side, grips the shoe between her toes and plays with her shoe. Faceshot from the side.      


Category:  dipping  dangling



Length: 4.28 min.

Size: 263 MB

Format: MP4

Resolution: 720 x 576

Added: 04/03/2021