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CLIP 211


There are 3 segments in this clip. In every segment you can see the shoes and feet of flight attendants. They all wear pumps and stockings. The first segment is shot in the restaurant of the airport. You see uplifted feet and wrinkled soles; then you can see her shoe hanging on her toes. You can see the inside of her shoe. Faceshot from the side. In the second segment you can see that the legs of this FA are crossed at the ankle. Both feet pop out of her shoes. She loses control about her shoe; the shoe slips from her foot to the ground and turns 180 degrees. She struggles to slip her shoe back on. She uplifts her shoes with the heels of her feet resting on the backs of her shoes. Faceshot included. The last segment is more than 5 minutes long. The legs of this stewardess are crossed and her feet are completely out of her shoes.  For a short moment I sit next to her and you have a good view on her feet and shoes. Then she starts playing with her shoes. She places one shoe vertical. She lays one shoe on its side and slips her other foot completely out of her shoe. She plays with both feet with one shoe. Faceshot included.      


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Added: 04/05/2021