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CLIP 217


She is in her early twenties and sits in the park with some friends. She has nice feet and her toenails are painted purper. In the beginning she plays with her shoes and lifts her shoe in the air with her toes using the strap of her shoe. Then the show begins: she starts dangling both shoes in the air hard and with intensity. Then she places both shoes side by side and bends her toes on top of her shoes. Then she continues her dangling but this time with one shoe. It's amazing she never loses control about her shoe. You see her empty shoe laying on the ground. One of her friends reaches down with his hand to pick up the shoe, takes off his own shoe and puts her shoe on. He takes off his sock and puts her shoe back on again. Then he puts the shoe back on again on her foot. Faceshot included.   


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Length: 6.12 min.

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Resolution: 720 x 576

Added: 04/08/2021