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CLIP 222


She is a nice looking young black woman and sits with her husband/boyfriend in the restaurant. She wears high heel open toe pumps. When the clip starts her feet are placed side by side. She crosses her legs at the ankle and within a short time she lets the shoe slip from her foot to the floor. You can hear it when the shoe reaches the floor. Her left foot is uplifted from her shoe and her right foot comes completely out of her shoe. Then she starts playing with her shoe. She plays the whole time with her right shoe. She grips the shoe between her toes. She puts her shoes partially on and lets the shoe slip from her foot to the floor again. For the second time you can hear that the shoe clacks the floor. She continues her shoeplay with her right shoe till the end of the clip.
Faceshot included.   


Category:  dipping



Length: 9.05 min.

Size: 449 MB

Format: MP4

Resolution: 720 x 576

Added: 04/09/2021