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CLIP 225


She is a flight attendant and sits outside. There's a run in her stocking. Her legs are crossed at the ankle; one foot pops out of her shoe and she lets the other shoe slip from her foot to the ground. She slips her shoes back on while her legs stay crossed at the ankle. Then her feet are placed side by side and her foot pops out of her shoe. She crosses her legs at the ankle and lets her shoe slip from her foot again. She plays with her shoe and you can see her red painted toenail. She puts her shoes partially on and lets the shoe fall from her foot. You can hear that the shoe reaches the ground. You can see her face from the side.   


Category:  dipping



Length: 2.24 min.

Size: 116 MB

Format: MP4

Resolution: 720 x 576

Added: 04/10/2021