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CLIP 233


Nice but not spectacular shoeplay in this clip. She is an Asian young woman in her twenties. She wears open toe flat shoes. I noticed her sitting on a bench with her legs crossed at the ankle. She plays a short time with her shoe on the ground. She placed her feet forwards and the heel of her foot slips several times in and out of her shoe. She crosses her legs at the ankle again and lets the shoe slip from her foot. Later that day I noticed her again sitting on a terrace. Her legs are the whole time crossed at the ankle and she uplifts several times her feet from her shoes and curls her toes into her shoe. Sometimes her feet come completely out of her shoes. Her feet are a bit orange in the second part of the clip because she was sitting under an orange parasol. Unfortunately you hear the church bells in the first 3 minutes of this clip. Faceshot from the side.    


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Length: 8.51 min.

Size: 485 MB

Format: MP4

Resolution: 720 x 576

Added: 04/17/2021