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CLIP 264


She is about 30 years old. The backs of both shoes are crushed. She is not a very active shoeplayer. The clip starts when her legs are crossed at the ankle; her shoe slips from her foot and you can watch her wrinkled sole. Then the shoe lays on the ground. She slips her shoes back on and stretches her legs. She crosses her legs at the ankle again and she lays the shoe on top of the back of her other shoe. Both soles of her feet are visible. She stands up and walks a bit around. She crosses her legs at the ankle again and lets the shoe slowly slip from her foot. Her complete wrinkled sole with toes are visible. A clip especially for the lovers of shoes with crushed backs. Faceshot from the side.  


Category:  dipping



Length: 4.05 min.

Size: 216 MB

Format: MP4

Resolution: 720 x 576

Added: 05/09/2021