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CLIP 296


She is in her early twenties and sits with a friend on a high stool on a terrace. She wears sneakers without laces so she can slip easily out of her shoes. The soles of her feet are nice and you can watch them often in this video. She balances with her shoes on the chair rung. With also using the chair rung she comes many times completely out of one or both shoes and her soles and toes are visible many times. One time she loses control about one shoe and the shoe falls on the ground. For a short moment you can see the red painted nail of her big toe. For about 2 minutes you also can watch some shoeplay from her friend: she rests with the heels of her feet on the chair rung while her toes stay into her shoes. Her foot even comes completely out of her shoe and the shoe doesn’t fall on the ground.
Faceshot from the side and hairshot from behind.


Category:   dipping



Length: 8.32 min.

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Resolution: 720 x 576

Added: 06/11/2021