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CLIP 300


She is an older woman, in her seventies I guess. Her hair is blond and her fingernails and toenails are painted red. There is a music festival in town and unfortunately sometimes people are walking by in front of the camera lens. Fortunately, there is still much to see of the dangling action of the woman. She dangles with her left and right shoe. She dangles her shoe in a special way: mostly she lets the shoe slide to the end of her toes and then she "catches" the shoe again with her foot. If you watch the preview you can see what I mean. Once she loses control of her shoe and the shoe falls on the ground. Faceshot included.   


Category:   dangling



Length: 8.22 min.

Size: 347 MB

Format: MP4

Resolution: 720 x 576

Added: 06/17/2021