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CLIP 305


She is a young woman and sits with her boyfriend in a restaurant. The heels of her pumps are damaged. The heels of her feet are rough. It is difficult for her to keep her feet into her shoes and to keep her feet still. She places many times the heels of her feet into her shoes while her toes lift up in the air; in that way she moves the shoes on the floor. She clacks many times with the heels of her pumps on the floor to put her feet out of her shoes. You can hear the clacking shoes clearly. Her soles wrinkle deeply.
She turns the shoe 180 degrees and needs the help of her other foot to get her shoe in the right direction again.
Faceshot included.


Category:   dipping



Length: 9.50 min.

Size: 409 MB

Format: MP4

Resolution: 720 x 576

Added: 06/30/2021