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CLIP 306


She is in her seventies, maybe older. I taped her for over one hour because I loved the action she did with her feet and shoes. She wears ballet flats and black stockings with reinforced toes.
She puts several times two feet into one shoe and she crushes several times the back of her shoe with her feet. She lifts her foot up many times from her shoe and you can see almost her whole foot; only her toes stay into her shoe. She crosses her legs at the ankle, lets the shoe slip from her foot to the floor and plays with her shoe. She pushes a shoe backwards by accident with her other shoe but she doesn’t care. Later she picks up the shoe with her hand. Now both shoes are on her feet again but not for long: she crosses her legs at the ankle again and lets the shoe fall from her foot to the floor. You can hear that the shoe reaches the floor. Now you have a good view on her sole and toes. Faceshot included.


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