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CLIP 327 (720p)


She is in her thirties I think and sits outside on a terrace. Her feet are bare and her legs are in the entire clip crossed. The backs of her shoes are a bit crushed. In the first part of the clip she lets her shoe several times rest on the rail of the chair and slides her toes for the biggest part in and out of her shoes but just not so far that you can see her toenails. She can’t keep her foot still in the clip. In the second part of the clip it’s more dangling what she does but unfortunately sometimes a part of her foot and shoe are hidden behind her other leg. She bows her toes several times into her shoe. Faceshot included.   


Category:   dipping  dangling



Length: 8.31 min.

Size: 294 MB

Format: MP4

Resolution: 1280 x 720

Added: 10/29/2021