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CLIP 344 (720p)



She is about 30 years old I guess. She sits after work with colleagues on a terrace. She can’t keep her feet still and it’s difficult to keep her shoes on. Her legs are crossed, one foot lifts up from her shoe and with her other foot she moves the shoe. It’s something in between dangling and heelpopping. In the beginning of the preview you can watch what I mean. Later in the clip you can watch almost her whole foot; only the end of her toes are still inside her shoe. You can watch the inside of her ballerina. Her toenails are painted purple. For her shoeplay she uses several times the rail of the table to slip in and out of her shoes.
In the last 4.40 minutes she has crossed her legs at the ankle and she plays with her shoe. She puts her shoes back on, crosses her legs to the other side and lets the shoe slide from her foot to the ground. She continues her shoeplay with her other shoe.
You can watch a lot of toe cleavage in this clip. Faceshot from the side.                       


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Length: 20.04 min.

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