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CLIP 363 (1080p)



She is about 20 years old. Her hair is black and you can see her face from the side. She sits with her parents in a restaurant.
Her flat shoes are old and well worn and her feet are reddish, probably because of the heat. Her feet are clean and nice. The inside of her shoes is polka dotted. Her legs are crossed at the ankles and she slowly lets her shoe slide off her foot. She partially puts her shoes back on and lets the shoe slide off her foot again, doing this two more times. She lets her foot completely come out of her shoe and you can see the sole of her foot and her toes. She doesn't play a lot with the shoe on the ground. She puts 2 feet into one shoe.


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Length: 7.29 min.

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Format: MP4

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Added: 10/27/2023