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CLIP 372 (720p)



She is a young woman in her thirties. I noticed her when she was sitting with her husband at a table on a terrace. I was focused on her shoes because I hoped something would happen under the table. Unfortunately, nothing happened at first, and even after that, she wasn't very active with her shoes. I did manage to capture some shoeplay, and I removed the periods where she wasn't active with her shoes.

She likes to air her feet, so you can clearly see the wrinkled soles of her clean and nice feet. She crosses her legs, her feet are partially out of her shoes, and she regularly rubs the edge of her shoe with her right toe. Faceshot included.


Category:  dipping



Length: 3.53 min.

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Format: MP4

Resolution: 1280 x 720

Added: 06/12/2024