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Two young ladies are sitting outside on a bench. A bird comes in the direction of the foot of the right girl and she waves to him with her toes 🙂 The other girl slips out of her sandals and rubs her toes against her other foot and toes. Her feet are in constant motion. She stands on top of her shoes, places her feet next to her shoes, moves her shoes and rubs her toes against her other foot. She does this several times and non stop. The feet of the girl with the ballerinas are completely out of her shoes. The girl who wears sandals grips the shoes between her feet and moves the shoes up. She uplifts her shoes with her toes resting on the backs of her shoes. In the last 45 seconds I focused on the sandals and feet of the left girl; she was the most active one. She rubs again her toes against her other foot and she rubs her toe against her shoe. Faceshots included.                                                                                                                                                                                           

 Category: dipping



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Added: 01/23/2021