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There are 7 segments in this clip. Every segment is not long enough for a full clip. We see the feet and shoes of different flight attendants. They all wear pumps and hose. In the first segment you see a FA dangling her shoe and some dipping under the chair; in the next segment you see crossed ankles; one foot is uplifted from her shoe; she curls the toes of her other foot and moves the shoe with her foot; in the next segment you see shoeplay under the chair with legs crossed at the ankle. In the next segment you see that a FA rests both feet on top of her shoes. She rubs her foot against her other foot and you can see the well worn inside of her shoe. In the next segment you see a FA in close up dangling her shoe. In the next segment you see in close up a stewardess who is standing at a ticket counter and talking to a colleague. She slips in and out of her shoe and you can hear her shoe hitting the floor. In the last segment you see a stewardess who sits outside on a bench. Her legs are crossed. She starts with popping her heel out of her shoe. Then she dangles her shoe until the end of her toes. Two faceshots from the side.



 Category: dipping   dangling



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Added: 01/24/2021