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She is a flight attendant and sits outside on a bench talking on her cell phone. Her legs are crossed. The heel of her foot is popped out of her shoe and with the other foot she dangles her shoe. She is not a wild dangler; she slowly twists and turns her foot. You can see a lot of toe cleavage. In the second part of the clip she has placed her feet side by side and she has the heels of both feet lifted out of her shoes. You can see her toes. She uplifts many times her shoes with the heels of her feet resting over the backs of her shoes. Her right foot slips completely out of her shoe and turns the shoe on its side. Faceshot from the side.



Category: dipping  dangling



Length: 4.15 min.

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Resolution: 720 x 576

Added: 01/25/2021