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She is in her twenties. She is attractive and sits with her boyfriend in a restaurant. Her shoes are old and well worn. Her legs are crossed at the ankle. One foot is uplifted from her shoe and the other shoe slaps several times against the heel of her foot till she drops her shoe from her foot to the floor. You can hear her shoe hitting the floor. She rubs her toes against her other foot. She curls her toes and moves the shoe with her foot. You can see the inside of her shoe. She mashes down the back of her shoe with her toes. Her moves are slow. She uncrosses her legs, puts her shoes back on and crosses her legs at the ankle again. She slaps the shoe against the heel of her foot. The back of her shoe is still mashed down. She uncrosses her legs, puts her shoes back on and mashes down the backs of both shoes with the heels of her feet. She uses her fingers to get her shoes back on. Hairshot from behind.



Category: dipping



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Added: 01/26/2021