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She is a flight attendant and sits in the restaurant of the airport and talks to a colleague. Her shoes are placed side by side and her feet are uplifted from her shoes. She crosses her legs at the ankle (right over left) and you can hear that her left shoe hits the floor. Her foot is uplifted from her shoe and the other shoe slips from her foot. You can see the heels and soles of both feet. She puts her shoes partially on while her legs are still crossed at the ankle. Again you hear that her shoe hits the floor. The other shoe slips slowly from her foot to the floor. She places the shoe on its side with her toes. She slips her shoes partially on and off again and her foot is completely out of her shoe. She uncrosses her legs and moves her shoe behind her other shoe. She crosses her legs again at the ankle and the shoe slips from her foot to the floor. She uncrosses her legs and her heels pop out of her shoes. She curls her toes into her shoe. Short faceshot from the side.


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