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She is an Asian woman and sits in a fast foodrestaurant. She wears a toe ring. Her legs are crossed at the ankle. One foot is uplifted from her shoe. The other shoe falls within a few seconds from her foot to the floor. She picks up the shoe several times between her toes. She uncrosses her legs. Her shoes are placed side by side and her feet are still uplifted from her shoes. Her curled toes rest on the backs of her shoes. She slips one foot completely out of her shoe and crosses her feet at the ankle. She uplifts her shoe with her other foot. She slips in and out of her shoe. She puts her shoes back on and crosses her legs at the ankle. She slips both feet out of her shoes and plays with her shoe. Her big toe lies on the back of her shoe and her other toes hang at the side of her shoe. Her shoe slips from her foot to the floor. Then her other foot slips out of her shoe. Both feet are now uplifted from her shoes. She puts her shoes back on and places her shoes side by side. She slips her foot out of her shoe and shows the toe ring to her friend. Faceshot from the side.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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