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I saw her with her boyfriend walking in the street. They sat down on the terrace of a restaurant to eat something. She crossed her legs at the ankle and within a few seconds fell the shoe from her foot to the ground. She started playing with her shoe immediately. I wanted to tape her shoeplay but they stood up and walked away. I followed them and they sat down on the terrace of another restaurant. There was only one table free so I sat down there. But it was not the best place to film her shoeplay. Most of the time one shoe is partially or completely hidden behind the big shoe of her boyfriend. Her legs are crossed at the ankle, one foot is uplifted from her shoe and the other foot is completely out of her shoe and plays with the shoe. She grabs the shoe several times between her toes. Her foot is in constant motion. She turns the shoe several times on its side and back again. She puts her shoes back on, crosses her legs at the ankle and both shoes fall from her foot to the ground immediately and she continues with her shoeplay. She uncrosses and crosses her legs several times and every time the shoe falls from her foot to the ground. Faceshot included. Because you do not have a full sight on her feet and shoes this clip is salepriced at $ 6.99. 


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