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She sits in a restaurant and talks with her family. She is a middle aged woman. She couldn't keep her shoes on; only at the end of the clip she puts her shoes back on. She can't keep her feet still for more than a few seconds. Both feet are uplifted from her shoes; her feet come completely out of her shoes and she moves her feet above the floor. She puts her shoes partially on and off again and you can hear her shoes hitting the floor. Her feet are uplifted fom her shoes and she bends her toes into her shoes. She places both feet on top of her shoes. She uplifts her feet from her shoes and moves her shoes. For the second time you hear her shoes hitting the floor. She crosses her legs at the ankle; one foot is uplifted from her shoe and the other foot comes completely out of her shoe and you see her sole and toes. Hairshot from behind. 

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Added: 02/06/2021