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These two flight attendants sit on the wall with their hosed feet on top of their shoes. The right flight attendant wears flat shoes; I think she has changed her pumps in flat shoes. After a short time a car arrives. The driver of the car wants to clean the ground where both FA's are sitting. The left FA quickly slips her low heeled pumps back on and walks away. The other FA needs more time to put her shoes back on. She has not enough time to do this and walks away and crushes the backs of her shoes. They walk back and sit down on the wall again. The left FA raises her feet in the air and places her shoes side by side on the ground and slips no more out of her shoes unfortunately. The right FA slips immediately out of her shoes and rubs one foot against the other. She does this several times. Because the left stewardess didn't play with her shoes I focussed on the shoes of the right stewardess. She stands both feet on top of one shoe and curls her toes into her shoe. She slips in and out of her shoes. She stands one foot on top of the other foot. She rubs her feet against her shoes. She puts her shoes partially on and raises her leg in the air. She struggles to slip her shoes back on and uses her hand to get the shoe back on. Faceshot included. 

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