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She is in her twenties. She is a flight attendant and sits in a restaurant of the airport and talks with a colleague. Her shoes are well worn and the heels of her shoes are damaged. Her stockings are wrinkled. Unfortunately I couldn't sit right behind her and sometimes her shoes and feet are partially hidden behind the table leg and the chair leg. She has stuffed two feet into one shoe. She places both feet on top of her shoes and crosses her legs at the ankle. She uncrosses her legs and puts her shoes partially on. She crushes a part of her shoe with the heel of her foot. She places her left foot on top of her shoe and crosses her right foot behind the left one. She places both feet on top of her shoes again. She does this several times. You can hear that the heels of her shoes hit the floor. She crosses her feet and rests with the heel of one foot on top of her shoe and rubs her toes against her other foot. Because you do not have all the time a full sight on her feet and shoes and because this clip is a little bit dark, this clip is salepriced at $ 5,99. Hairshot from behind.  

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